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It is of utmost importance that the clients I work with are fully satisfied. It is for this reason that I furnish potential clients with a detailed quotation of my service offering and the costs involved. From the onset the client will therefore know exactly what he or she can expect from my work. A deadline is set for the work and the client will be kept up to date as work progresses.

I pride myself on excellent client relationships and it is for this reason that I work with numerous loyal clients over a long period of time. The rapport I develop with my clients keeps them returning, even after years. Unfortunately, in the past I have also worked with clients who insisted on payment at the completion of a project and then disappeared without payment. In order to cover myself from such clients I require 50% of the quoted price including VAT upfront. The remainder is paid on receipt on completion of the entire project or body of work.

I offer a range of services including social media management, copywriting, editing, proofreading and online marketing.


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