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“You immediately recognize the professional in online marketing/branding as from the start Elizabeth speaks with passion and shows she knows her industry very well. Her workshop ‘How to Brand Yourself Online’ is very interesting and a small group and a good location made it even more pleasant.” ~ Cynthia, Blogger at ChezCynthia

“I believe that one of the most important skills for professionals in the 21st century is managing one´s individual marketing and learning how to have control of one´s “alter ego” online. I was fortunate to follow the workshop ¨Branding yourself online¨ brilliantly designed and given by Elizabeth Joss who showed me how I can simultaneously show and hide myself online according to my needs. It was a very enjoyable experience I recommend wholeheartedly.” ~ Eugenia Codina,Blogger at http://eugeniacodina.blogspot.com.es/.

“Elizabeth loves her subject and knows what she’s talking about. Her workshops are always informative, friendly and inspiring.” ~ Laura Beeby, Blogger at Canucky Woman

“The Creative Writing Workshop was to me a great, personal journey. It helped me discover my reasons behind writing and understand how important it actually is to me. Elizabeth Joss is a great teacher and motivator, and interacting with other writers proved to be interesting and helpful. This hands-on workshop taught me to stop making excuses and to start writing – I would not be me without writing. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone in need of a confidence boost for their writing. You will definitely get it.” ~ Diana Kuijpers

“For those who desire a dose of motivation, fresh ideas or just an opportunity to meet with like-minded writery-types, I highly recommend Elizabeth’s writing workshops. She is supportive, positive and knowledgeable.” ~ Laura Beeby, Blogger at Canucky Woman


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