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SkinnyMint – The Devil of Facebook Ads

I hate SkinnyMint. Harsh words for a product I've never even seen in the store or tried out myself (frankly, who would want to?). Who would've thought that this brand from Singapore could attempt to do so much damage to the minds of young women. 'No,' I tell you. 'I REFUSE to LIKE!'. [caption id="attachment_2383" align="alignleft" width="640"] That's the packaging?? You must be joking. I could'...
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Launch of New Creative Writing Workshops in The Hague

15 July 2014 | The Hague, Netherlands – A new Creative Writing Workshop will take place on Saturday 2nd August in The Hague (location TBC) with other creative workshops scheduled for the rest of 2014. The first Creative Writing Workshop in The Hague is titled Writing from Life and it will explore what makes a good piece of writing, how to write with passion and enthusiasm and how to draw from y...
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Writing Lessons from Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘The Signature of All Things’

I recently met Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, at a book talk in The Hague. At the time, I had not read her second novel, The Signature of All Things, and was curious to know what the book was about. During the reading of this book I’ve learnt many things about the writing process and the importance of never giving up as a writer. Gilbert herself knew that she had to continue writing...
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Top 5 Videos to Inspire Creativity in 2014

December is a tough month. We’re wrapping up our work for the year, trying to shed any extra stress from the past months and possibly feeling a bit creatively dead. Here are my top 5 videos to inspire and rekindle your creativity. I hope these will give you some direction for 2014 and ignite in you many creative possibilities. 1.    How to Be Creative http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weIQIt...
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5 Ways to Create Suspense in Your Blog Posts

Ira Glass explains what it takes to make a good story and what it takes to captivate listeners on the radio. But what about when it comes to your blog? How can you create suspense to encourage people to continue to read and to eventually sign up and receive your latest posts? [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPc0wyeuYW4] Here are my top five ways to create suspense in your blog posts (ins...
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How To Improve Your Blogging Vocabulary With a Word Cloud

A Word Cloud is a visual depiction of your words taken from a blog post or from an entire blog. It can be created using various online software programmes that are free. When I set out to create the below Word Cloud (as part of the Word Count Blogathon 2013) I started to think about its purpose and the possible benefits thereof when it comes to blogging. Benefits of Using a Word Cloud Firstl...
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